Brands I Like

Brands I Like

Spier & Mackay

It has been fun to watch this company grow into what it is today. They are active in the community on StyleForum and consistently seek out feedback for future products. I’m extremely lucky that with the changes to the suit/sport coat fit over the years that their off the rack items fit me really well. In fact, the better part of my closet is from these guys… I’ve been ordering custom MTM shirts from them for a while, and they have a super flexible MTM service in-store, as well as online MTO.

Kent Wang

Some of the finest pocket squares available (see here and here for inspiration) – unique designs, excellent craftsmanship, great prices. Hard to beat their tie selection too. They have a great range of accessories available (I own their keyhole sunglasses – awesome!), but they are also truly a haberdasher – MTM services for suits, jackets, sport coats; off the rack shirts; casual and dress shoes (I also own their handgrade white sneakers).

Vanda Fine Clothing

This is my go to company to reward myself with something special. Handcrafted ties custom made to your specifications… Just, wow. The thing that really sets them apart for me is the fabric selection. With an sharp eye for detail, and the ability to visualize what will make the best tie, they often run group MTO and limited run fabrics. Construction is superb, and they tie fantastic knots. It’s not all about the ties though – they also have a lovely selection of pocket squares, including some made from vintage kimono silk. My wishlist on their site is ever expanding… up to probably 80+ ties at this point.


I now own three pairs of shoes from Velasca. Their products are well made, and well priced. I’ve been really happy with the quality of materials they use – the leather takes a polish well, and the suede has a nice, soft nap to it. Customer service has always been responsive and supportive. This is a great brand to start out with as you begin your shoe collection.

Oxford Rowe

I found Oxford Rowe on Instagram, and boy am I glad that I did. They offer a well curated selection of ties and pocket squares that are designed to be part of a versatile wardrobe. I reviewed them here, and found their knit ties to be outstanding in terms of material, construction and value. The zig zag knits were my favourite, and will be picking up a few more for sure. I’m looking forward to see what they come up with next!

Rampley & Co

Rampley & Co makes some of the finest pocket squares around. Faithful prints of famous art works, with custom borders that are truly something to behold. I originally reviewed their St. George and the Dragon, which is a perfect example of what I’m talking about – and if you’d like to see some inspiration for wearing it, check this out. I’ve since added a couple more squares to my collection, and have been nothing but happy with each one. They offer monogramming and even bespoke pocket square options, but if you’re looking for a versatile piece of art to stuff in your pocket, go have a look.

51 Label

Started by Jonathon and Gary, 51 Label offers made in Italy men’s dress shoes at very attractive price point. After receiving a pair and reviewing them, I can appreciate what they are going for with the idea of “Effortless Luxury” and I think that every interaction – product, packaging, service – have lived up to that goal. The last shape is great, construction is excellent and the leather they use is top shelf. They are definitely one of my most comfortable pairs.

Amidé Hadelin

Amidé Hadelin is an excellent source of quality men’s accessories. I own a number of their ties and pocket squares, and a pair of beautiful deer skin gloves. Each season improves on the last, with unique and versatile pocket squares, and ties featuring fabrics from Abraham Moon & Sons, Fox Brothers, Delfino, Holland and Sherry just to name a few.


Supporting a fellow Canadian is always a plus, especially when the value and quality they offer locally is pretty amazing. A great selection of classic and seasonal grenadines, and some interesting six fold fabrics are all available on their site. You might even see yours truly hanging out there somewhere.

Sons of Henrey

A relatively classic collection of shoes, constructed using the finest leathers and suedes from renowned tanneries. I own their George split toe derbie in ebony Utah grain leather – their best selling pair. Some of the nicest lasts I’ve seen, regular group made to order (GMTO) offers in more exotic configurations, and a transparent approach to customer engagement all combine to make me a fan of Sons of Henrey.