Reviewed: Cavour Loafers – Tassels in Green Suede

Reviewed: Cavour Loafers – Tassels in Green Suede

Disclaimer: this pair of shoes was provided at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review

If you’d told me even a few months ago that I’d own a pair of green suede tassel loafers, I might have looked at you with a confused expression and feelings of doubt. They might not be the most versatile pair out there, but I’m finding that this shade of green suede that Cavour made up into a beautiful pair of tassel loafers is easier to pair then I’d expected. You might have seen them on my Instagram, or in my Summer Essentials post… Here are my thoughts on what owning a pair of Cavour loafers is like.

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Shipping and Packaging

The shipping box I received these Cavour loafers in was perfectly sized to the shoe box, and came without damage. Inside, the shoes were well packed and inside some really nice dark green dust bags. A detail I particularly like is that the dust bags are lined. As a result, they are easy to slide on and off the shoes. Other fabric dust bags often catch on a suede pair of shoes. This was my first glimpse at the attention to detail that has gone into Cavour’s first shoe collection. Another nice find was that Cavour includes semi-lasted shoe trees to help their loafers maintain a perfect shape.

Quality and Construction

Materials and finishing are top notch. The suede is soft, and without blemish. These Cavour loafers are leather-lined, and feature soft padding in the heel for added comfort. I found them to be just that from the very first wear. A moccasin style roll appears seamlessly around the toe, with all the stitching done neatly in a lighter thread that adds some nice contrast. Lacing around the back of the heel comes to a well-placed location on the vamp where the tassels sit. A soft piping around the opening in a slightly lighter shade compliments the stitching. The welt features clean crimping and light beveling, and is trimmed close to the upper. This adds to the sleek look of a good loafer. The sole is subtly contoured and features a closed channel – more examples of the great attention to detail on these Cavour loafers.


I went for a 9UK on this pair, which is my standard size. Everything about this last is perfect – heel shape, instep, and overall shape. The heel cups my foot nicely with no slippage, and no rubbing either. A middle of the road instep means they should work for most people. While presenting a sleek look overall, I haven’t found any areas of the shoe to be cramped. This is one of my most comfortable pairs, and I’d recommend treating them as true to size.

Design and Styling

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A couple of shots here in different lighting helps show how versatile this shade of green on these Cavour loafers actually is. I know it won’t be the most versatile colour out there, but I’ve found it works really well with grey, brown and cream trousers so far. Denim in a lighter wash works especially well.

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Final Thoughts – Cavour Loafers

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For their first collection of footwear, Cavour really went all in. They have a broad selection of classic make-ups, peppered with some more interesting make-ups (like these green suede loafers). I think that they offer a harmonious combination of style, quality and value, and would bet anyone would agree. After a couple of dozen wears, I’m very pleased with the quality of construction and comfort they offer. Also, I’m also more confident wearing green suede on my feet.

Any questions about the great work Cavour is doing? I’ve been really pleased with their ties, and now their loafers. Let me know in the comments.


4 Replies to “Reviewed: Cavour Loafers – Tassels in Green Suede”

    1. Hi Milton,

      They did have a snuff suede tassel loafer, but I think they are sold out now. They have a penny loafer available in suede and calf as well. Keep an eye out in the spring, I’m sure they’ll have some more tassels.


  1. Hi,

    Lovely looking shoes. I was just wondering if you know what tanneries Cavour has selected to use as their supplier for their own line (where is the leather and suede coming from) I was also curious if you know which factory in Spain is producing these for them. Thanks!

    1. Hi Connor,

      They are a beautiful pair indeed! I’m not sure about the provenance of the leather and suede that Cavour uses. If you reached out to them directly they might be able to give you that info. As for where they produce the shoes, that hasn’t been shared. The question did come up on their styleforum thread, and they declined to answer. They did lots of homework to determine where they wanted to have them made, and weren’t looking to share.


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