Inspiration: New arrivals this season at Cavour

Inspiration: New arrivals this season at Cavour

I had a lot of fun combing through this season’s new releases and putting together some outfits in this post. Armchair quarterbacking in a way, but for tailored clothing. Since Cavour is a great shop, run by enthusiasts, they’ve curated a broad range of excellent products – Canali, 100 Hands, Edward Green and Ring Jacket (to name a few). The really cool pieces are found within Cavour’s own house line. Each season they make some gorgeous footwear, unique ties, and of course tailored pieces like shirts, trousers and sport coats. So, in this post I’m going to take my favourites out of this season’s new arrivals at Cavour and use them to build four outfits. Ready? Let’s go!

Cavour New Arrivals – Outfit #1

Coming out swinging on this one. I think this has to be my favourite of the new sport coat arrivals from this season. That oatmeal base with the brown guncheck and mid-blue windowpane is such a great pattern and colourway. Done up in their Mod 2 cut, which features 3R2 buttoning, full canvas construction and some lovely hand work.

When pairing a bolder jacket like this, you should really keep the rest of the pieces fairly simple. Otherwise you risk a jumbled, incoherent mess of an outfit. So to that end, I’ve kept it simple but interesting by selecting a pair of white cotton, single-pleat trousers (also Mod 2) and a subtly striped blue linen button down shirt.

Cavour New Arrivals – Outfit #2

There’s something about the tone of this jacket that draws me too it. It is absolutely neutral in terms of colour temperature, neither too warm nor too cool. Contrast within the herringbone pattern makes it quite interesting up close, but is scaled just right so that it resolves to a sort of melange at a distance.

There’s a couple ways you could approach pairing this jacket – tonal, higher contrast through a very light shirt (shown here) or with something darker. I think to have a little fun, I would say this denim chambray button down shirt from Cavour’s Sartoria line would be a killer pairing. Now, these Sartoria line shirts are a bit pricier, but they are entirely handmade, and beautifully so. This pair of taupe linen trousers will work well in this outfit, but will be extremely versatile otherwise, and might be my favourite trousers from the new arrivals at Cavour this season.

Cavour New Arrivals – Outfit #3

Wool/Silk blend? Nice. Light beige colour? Perfect for warm weather.

Here’s where we make it interesting. New for this season, Cavour has produced some really cool cotton pique shirts. I’d go for this one they call taupe. It’s a bit dark and cool for a taupe label in my mind. Next up – trousers. In this case, these brown high-twist wool should do the trick, while adding some contrast and grounding the outfit.

Cavour New Arrivals – Outfit #4

I suppose it’s time for some kind of blue jacket. There is definitely something summery about a nice medium blue, and this sport coat featuring a double windowpane pattern is a beauty. A lighter shade like this approaches the versatility of a navy jacket, without the same formality connotations. It can work with mid-grey trousers (as shown), or with just about any other shade: beige, white, tan, brown, and maybe even navy.

So let’s try that – navy trousers. Since this sport coat has such a nice texture to the weave of the wool/silk blend fabric, I’m feeling like some linen down below would be nice. To keep it from being all blue everything, like that 90s song, let’s go with a simple white twill cutaway shirt. Easily useable elsewhere in your wardrobe.

Honourable Mentions

Not going to lie, it was challenging to limit myself to only the pieces that contribute to four outfits. There’s just so much great stuff. I’ll break them out by category and collect the images for each.

Sport Coats


The high twist wool trousers have a really broad selection of colours. My additional picks would be the taupe, dark grey, olive (not olive IMO, but a great shade of green) and the steel blue.



Hoping we some more footwear (especially loafers) from Cavour this season, though I must say these ones done up in Ebony Utah grain are pretty fantastic. I dig these warm brown suede captoes too.

S/S21 at Cavour

It’s looking like a pretty stellar season. There are also a few gems leftover from F/W20 in the Sale section. Either way – head over to Cavour’s site. If you have any questions about fit, sizing, etc, drop a comment below, email me or DM me on Instagram. I’m always happy to help.

I’d also love to hear what you thought of these outfits!


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