Inspiration: Why Blue and Green is a Great Combination

Inspiration: Why Blue and Green is a Great Combination

“Blue and green should never be seen, except with something in between.”

Like many pieces of advise, or rules, surrounding dressing well – your mileage may vary. This blue and green experiment happened kind of by accident. Per my usual Sunday routine, I was putting together my outfits for the week, when I noticed the first two I’d compiled both had blue and green elements in them. So, I decided to continue with that theme. Some of the pairings are more obvious, while others are more subtle. Let’s have a look at the details of these outfits.

Blue and Green Outfit #1

Subtle pairing in this one. Blue guncheck tie from Fox Brothers, via Amide Hadelin. Deep forest green cardigan. In this one, the blue and green elements are not at the forefront, but rather add to the overall earthy tone set by the mid-grey merino tweed jacket and medium brown Botto Giuseppe flannel trousers, both from Spier & Mackay. A white shirt keeps things neutral. The final touch is my St. George and the Dragon pocket square from Rampley & Co, which was arranged to show the blues and greens in the painting. My dark brown suede wingtips from Velasca Milano keep things grounded. I think this was a bit unconventional in terms of pairings, though the colour palette itself is a classic one. Blue, brown and grey as the primary colours, but in different proportions than you might normally see.

Blue and Green Outfit #2

Green tweed. Neapolitan cut. Still one of my all time favourite jackets from Spier & Mackay. The saturated blue striped button down shirt is the second component. I wanted the rest of the outfit to be fairly neutral, so I chose my charcoal houndstooth tie from Oxford Rowe, a plain white pocket square, and mid grey flannel trousers. Finally, my black captoes from Carmina keep the look refined. The cropped, seated shot did really well for me on Instagram, generating the highest reach I’ve ever seen! If you liked or commented, thanks! If you look closely, you can get a glimpse of my Tuseno watch, which I will be reviewing soon. Olive socks from Boardroom Socks are the perfect compliment to the jacket and trousers.

Blue and Green Outfit #3

Slightly more overt use of the colour scheme here, but really well balanced. Green slub sport coat. Blue shirt and cardigan. Cream based tie from Cavour with blue and green paisleys finds continuity in the stone coloured covert twill trousers from this seasons collection at Spier & Mackay. Khaki coloured socks from Boardroom Socks in between the trousers and my medium brown (almost a snuff colour) suede captoes from Morjas keep the bottom half tonal, and at an appropriate level of contrast.

Blue and Green Outfit #4

There is no missing the blue and green in this one, that’s for sure. Every element of this outfit is one of those two colours. Navy moleskin sport coat. Green corduroy trousers from Natalino (still my best off-the-rack fitting trousers). Denim shirt. Mottled, olive green tweed tie and Van Gogh pocket square are both from Amide Hadelin. As in your face as this outfit was, I think it was a pretty solid success. Leaning all the way into the theme actually worked out. Another thing I learned was how well these green cords can pair with the soft texture of the moleskin jacket. So much texture in this one.

Final Thoughts

I like blue and green together, with or without something in between. It may sound silly, but I enjoy setting little challenges like this for myself. Do you enjoy them? Did I convince you that this is a good, versatile colour combo? Let me know!


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