Reviewed: Natalino Trousers Have the Best Fit

Reviewed: Natalino Trousers Have the Best Fit

Disclaimer: These trousers were provided at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review

Two things really stood out to me when I first heard about Natalino. They offered a high rise pant, along with a roomy thigh and gentle taper. These two things are very hard to find in an off-the-rack trouser. I’m not exactly a slim guy, and find with ready to wear trousers, I often need to size up to accommodate my thighs and seat. So when I saw that the design features of Natalino trousers seemed like they were made for me, I was really excited to check them out. Here’s my review.

Construction and Quality

Beyond the attraction of the general cut, there are some wonderfully executed #menswear details to enjoy. Let’s start with the fabric – an appropriately weighted (12.5oz) corduroy in a rich olive green. Cut in a way that running your hand up towards the waist lifts the fibres and adds some serious lustre to the trousers. Side tabs, split waist, single reverse pleats, double button waistband and 5cm turnups. Everything a #menswear aficionado could ask for, but as a whole they’re not overdone or costume-y.

I’m really pleased with the quality of construction. Not a single thread was out of place, all of the buttons are securely fastened. The waist and jetted pockets are cut with the wales oriented horizontally, which adds a nice touch of contrast.

At ‎£87.50 (VAT excluded, £105 included) they are quite competitively priced.

Sizing and Fit

This is the best example of a classic, well fitting, off-the-rack trouser I’ve found. My favourite part is the waist:thigh ratio. When wearing them, I feel like I have lots of room to move around, but they aren’t baggy or sagging from the seat. I don’t doubt that the weighty corduroy helps with this, but it still requires an ideal cut for them to drape the way they do.

Natalino’s description of a gentle taper is spot on. The cut is very coherent from top to bottom. Well proportioned to the more generous thighs, the taper from the knee down ends in a 7.5″ leg opening, which is actually a bit narrower than most of my other trousers but somehow doesn’t look overly aggressive.

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Worn here with some salty suede shoes. The Natalino trousers look great though!

One thing I would change (and let’s be clear – this is nitpicking, and totally selfish based on my body) is the available lengths. I’m 5’10” or 178cm tall, and I feel like my legs and torso are reasonably well proportioned. I ordered a short (?) size which had a 30″ inseam. I’ve never ordered a short anything before. On these trousers, I’d need a 28.5″ inseam, which I easily fixed with a trip to the tailor.

Wearing Natalino Trousers

One of the first items I thought of wearing with a pair of olive cords on the way from Natalino was my gunclub check tweed jacket from Spier & Mackay. This tweed from Abraham Moon & Sons has some serious texture and an earthy palette. Perfect to combine with the depth of colour and texture this corduroy brings. I ended up wearing a white long sleeve polo to participate in that week’s StyleForum fit challenge.

My second wear of these trousers was with my grey merino tweed sport coat, navy grenadine tie and a blue houndstooth shirt. I was quite happy with the grey and green combo, but felt that the blues in the top half didn’t quite jive, and felt a little flat. They didn’t stand up enough to the richness of the Natalino cords.

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This next pairing felt like the most balanced of the bunch. The heavily flecked Donegal tweed jacket was a great visual companion to the corduroy. I chose my medium wash denim shirt, and a brown herringbone cashmere tie from Kent Wang. In my pocket I went with a Tom Ford pocket square that is made up of green and brown, to add some extra coherence between the top and bottom halves.

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I have continued to enjoy wearing my Natalino trousers, and am every bit as happy with them now as I was when I first got them. Reflecting on things, I wish I’d gone for something a little more versatile. Purely so I could wear them more often! Here are a few more ways that I’ve worn these. Apparently I love them with guncheck tweed (both sport coat and tie), and they were a focal point of my “wearing blue and green” post a while ago.

Final Thoughts

With their first collection having launched in F/W18, I’m truly impressed with what has come out of Natalino. If this is what they deliver their first go-around from a fit and quality perspective, they are definitely worth following. They have continued to grow and expand their offerings beyond trousers, now including polos, shirts, accessories, knitwear and sport coats! All look to be well thought out pieces, right in line with the incredible value they brought with their first launch items.

Go check them out at!


8 Replies to “Reviewed: Natalino Trousers Have the Best Fit”

  1. Very helpful review – between this, and a post I saw on Instagram, I’ve been convinced to pull the trigger on a pair of Natalino trousers. I’ve gone for the wool flannel, to round-out my A/W trouser flannel selection (which now has light brown S&M, a generic mid-grey and then the darker gray from Natalino).

    Colin – one thought for a post might be a “Spring/Summer Essentials”, which could have the 2-3 key jackets, shirts, trousers and ties you think are a must-have for staying cool and well-dressed. I’d love to see your take.

    1. Thanks very much Adam! Glad it was helpful. You won’t be disappointed with Natalino.

      I think that Spring/Summer essentials is a great idea, and pretty close to something I’ve been planning to write. Keep an eye out soon!


  2. Proud owner of their linen and grey cords. Exceptional. waiting for the flannel ‘re-stock. Roll on Autumn. Thank you for your review. Most helpful

  3. As someone who has large muscular thighs but narrow waist these trousers have been the best fit for me so far. I would love to know other brands that caters towards this RTW.

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