What I Wore: October 2019

What I Wore: October 2019

It’s been a while since my last what I wore post. So far, we’ve had a beautiful fall with temperatures staying above freezing. Flannels and tweeds are out, and I haven’t had to wear a coat over top. I have lost the natural morning light, as I shared in my indoor photography post. Daylight savings always helps a bit. Anyways, here are a selection of outfits from the last month.

What I wore – blue and brown

This outfit was built around one of my new ties from Aklasu, this lovely brown and blue block stripe grenadine. The entire outfit is built on those two colours, keeping it simple and coherent. Light blue striped shirt under my navy moleskin sport coat adds some contrast and balance. The moleskin jacket is a big, soft block of solid colour, so I wanted to balance out the big block stripes on the tie by adding a small scale stripe with the shirt. To bring a bit more brown to the upper half, I chose to wear my battle of Trafalgar square from Rampley & Co. Down below are my merino tweed trousers in a mid brown, finished off with my Morjas suede cap toes. Initially, I was worried about the show and trouser pairing, but in the end I quite like the warm, saturated tone of the suede against the tweed.

What I wore – Grey, green and guncheck

This guncheck tweed tie from Amidé Hadelin is made up in the famous green guncheck from Abraham Moon & Sons. As soon as I saw they were offering it, I knew I had to have it. I will wear it with the matching jacket at some point. Ironically, of course. Or maybe not ironically. I’m kind of curious. Here I’ve worn it with my green tweed (also from Abraham Moon) jacket that’s in Spier and Mackay’s Neapolitan cut. I went with an ecru shirt here to keep the tones aligned. Mid grey flannels and my dark brown suede wingtips from Velasca finish things off. You will also catch a glimpse of some new socks I ordered from Skolyx. So far, I’m quite pleased with them!

What I wore – blue, burgundy and grey

The top block of this outfit was top notch. The burgundy trousers were a stretch though. The contrast in shade and saturation between the cardigan and trousers works ok, but somehow makes the trousers seem a bit washed out. I received some suggestions for olive and brown. I could see my brown tweed trousers working well here. They’d bring a complimentary texture to the grey donegal tie from Kent Wang.

What I wore – oatmeal donegal

This beauty of a jacket was included in my list of F/W19 offerings from Spier & Mackay. They managed to scoop up the last few lengths of this oatmeal Donegal from Abraham Moon & Sons, enough for about 40 jackets. So glad I grabbed one. Paired here with a soft, brushed cotton shirt in a light grey gingham, worn under a burgundy v-neck. Mid-grey flannels round out the look.

What I wore

The temperatures continue to drop, so we’ll continue to layer up. I’ve picked up a couple new pairs of trousers that will make their debut in November. I’ve noticed there are some gaps in my cardigan rotation, and maybe I’ll look to fill them in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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