Reviewed: Suitsurmesur Accessories

Reviewed: Suitsurmesur Accessories

Disclaimer: this tie and pocket square were provided at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review.

Suitsurmesur Ties and Pocket Squares

Suitsurmesur is a London-based company that predominantly does MTM suits and shirts, but they also have a selection of really interesting ties and pocket squares. When Jean Louis, the owner reached out and offered to send some accessories, I was interested. We had conversed about menswear over Instagram DM for some time, and I was honored that he thought of me when his brand launched. 

Here are the items I received:

The tie is a olive striped shantung grenadine, which might have the coolest texture I’ve seen. The pocket square is called “The Night in Harlem”, and is available with two different borders. I chose the olive and gold.

Shipping and Packaging

Each item was carefully folded up in wrapping paper, held closed by a Suitsurmesur sticker. Everything was shipped together in a bubble wrap envelope, and arrived without damage. One thing I noticed upon opening was a very powerful scent. It was a nice aroma, but some people may not appreciate the heavily perfumed approach.

Quality and Construction

The tie is seven fold, untipped construction. These details feel really well suited to the shantung grenadine fabric. It’s really quite something to hold. Hand-rolled edges are tight and round – no small accomplishment with this fabric! There are cool little details like a button holding the folds together. I am very impressed with the drape of the tie – from the knot, it hangs beautifully.

Regarding the pocket square, the blend of wool-silk is an awesome weight with all of the wonderful texture you’d expect. Just like on the tie, the hand-rolled edges are very well executed. Tight and neat.

Design and Styling

Suitsurmesur shantung grenadine tie paired with my Donegal sport coat.

As I mentioned, the fabric of this tie is fantastic. Reading the description on their website, I found it interesting that Suitsurmesur suggests a double four in hand knot. Having worn it a few times now, this suggestion makes sense to me. The blade feels rather narrow, though the tie measures 8 cm. The taper is linear, which means that by the time you get up to the knot, the width is noticeably less than the 8 cm. Because of this shape, the suggestion of a double four in hand really helps with the size of the knot, but I did have some difficulty producing the deep dimple I enjoy. I also would prefer the blade to be wider below the knot with a less gradual taper.

Here are a couple more examples of the tie:

Both Suitsurmesur accessories in use.
Shantung grenadine texture pairs well with flannels and tweed.

This pocket square depicts a time when advocating empowerment and equality was not commonplace, and the social gathering is an example of a place and time where this way of thinking could grow. The hand-drawn artwork is full of character, and I’m happy to wear something with meaning close to my heart.

“The Night in Harlem”
Earthy tones – this pocket square works well here.

One really cool offering is a choice of borders on the Suitsurmesur squares. I decided on this one to go with the olive and gold.


The selection of fabrics that make up the necktie offerings from Suitsurmesur is really excellent. All of the available pieces are truly unique, and would be hard to find anywhere else. Rich cultural and historical significance serve as a basis for their pocket squares, served up in versatile colours. I do wish the tie blades were a bit wider, but overall the quality and design choices are awesome.


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    1. Thank you for the kind words! I’m really impressed by the fabric and finishing on both pieces. The pocket square holds a special place in my collection, having the deepest meaning and cultural significance. Really happy to own both.

      All the best,


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